Mike’s Custom Painting, Inc. was established by Mike Weldy, in 1981.  His painting business started out of his garage, but quickly expanded as it became a success.  Mike went from painting automotive parts, to cars and trucks, to vans, and now to recreational vehicles. 

Along with Mike’s expertise, he also has experienced employees.  Brad Solmos has been a shop manager for 23 years.  Daniel Richards, also a shop manager, has been with Mike’s Custom Painting for 15 years.  Several of Mike’s family members have contributed to the business including his wife, brother, sister, daughter, sons, nephews, cousins, and more.  All of his employees are dedicated to working hard to achieve customer satisfaction.

Mike is also dedicated to his family.  Mike and his wife, Betty, have been lifetime residents of the Bremen community.  They have been happily married for 25 years, and have four children, along with a dog.







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